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The Unexpected Adventure
As I opened my eyes and surveyed the area carefully, I realized, I wasn’t somewhere familiar. It looked like the middle of nowhere, with only trees surrounding me, pine trees to be exact. I looked below the trees then closer towards me and I noticed that I stood on what appeared to be an endless dirt road. One thing in particular on my body felt…weird. It felt like I wore no shoes, yet I could feel the ground under my feet, a few rocks digging softly into my soles. It didn’t hurt, but then I realized, my feet weren’t normal human feet, they were actually paws! Orange paws in fur to be exact, each digit adorned by a small white claw that could be my toenails. Then I inspected my entire body, and it wasn’t the same. I appeared to be some sort of vulpine creature, a fox, on two legs, standing without a problem. I looked at my backside and it was covered in the same orange fur, with a few patches of white, and a white tipped tail slowly wagging behind me. My own tail, it felt so natural wagging behind me, swaying back and forth like a pendulum. I gasped in both shock and awe as I admired my new form, then took in the scent of fresh pine with my new nose and let out a soft purr of delight.
I took a deep breath then decided it would be best if I followed this road and satisfy my curiosity. Who knew what laid beyond the horizon of this road, it could be full of monsters, leading to a hidden temple full of artifacts, and much much more! I started off jogging on my paws towards whatever laid ahead, then began to sprint faster and faster. It felt so natural to dive down onto all fours and run like a real feral fox, and that’s just what I did. The dirt road making a soft pitter patter as all of my paws slammed down softly on the road. I felt full of energy as I ran down the road with my new body, it felt like I’ve been like this my entire life! I began to slow down to catch my breath and stood up on my two hind legs again. That’s when I noticed a small glimmer coming from an object on the ground, something golden. I slowly reached down and dusted the dirt off of it and found a key with three sharp teeth, belonging to a lock or a door of some sort. I wondered to myself,  “Did someone drop this? Was this left here for me? I wonder what this would be used for?” Soon I snapped out of my own thoughts and decided to keep the key and held onto it in case I met the owner of this little key or where it truly belonged.
The soft padding of my paws hitting the ground were heard again while I started walking and continuing my journey along the path. The sun washed over my soft orange fur while my paws pressed down against the sharp, yet unnoticeable small pebbles and rocks beneath my paws. Then, standing in the middle of the road, perfectly upright, a jelly jar filled with what appeared to be some red and yellow liquid stood in my path. My first thoughts were, “It’s Kool-Aid! Aw man I’m so thirsty and tired right now after that run! Or maybe it’s some kind of strawberry-mango drink.” I immediately grabbed the jar, twisted the lid off of it and gulped down the contents entirely and savored its somewhat weird, yet delicious taste. I sighed in content as I dropped the jar on the ground and smiled softly to myself, a silly grin also appearing on my face. Soon I groaned softly and let out a soft growl as a huge wave of power washed over my body. I soon howled out loudly as my shoulder blades were soon hurting slightly as some apparatus broke free of them and made a large flapping sound. I groaned softly and panted as two forces pushed out from the sides of my forehead while I felt my fur slowly disappear and were replaced by crimson, dark red scales on my arms and backside and slightly tarnished yellow scales on my front side. I could feel my tail become much longer, nearly half the size of my new body frame while my frame began to expand and become much bigger. I roared out loudly, raising my head to the sky while my neck elongated and became covered in the same scales. My voice dropped several pitches becoming deeper with each passing moment. I blinked several times, looked around and felt my eyes shift and changes just like the rest of my body. Soon I coughed out a huge cloud of dark black smoke then roared out in pain. A huge wave of fire erupted from my mouth and engulfed the air around me then soon dissipated. Panting heavily and groaning, I steadied myself on two paws again, if I could call my feet paws anymore. I couldn’t believe it, even right before my eyes, I became a dragon, with red and yellow scales, two wings, and standing up on two legs. “That’s the last time I ever pick something up and drink it,” I thought to myself and looked around the area. “Better get moving, don’t want to be ambushed or watched by someone.”
What felt like hours were only minutes as I flew above the road I travelled on. nothing really caught my eyes until I saw what appeared to be a tree that stuck out like a sore thumb among the other trees that stood near the path. It didn’t stray too far from the dirt road so I decided to fly down to it and investigate further. It seemed like any other oak tree, the bark appeared normal, the leaves weren’t like the green pine of the other trees though. I sighed softly to myself when  I saw fruit hanging above off the strong and sturdy branches of the tree. “I’m not gonna eat any of those.” I said out loud thinking of what recently happened to me when I ingested that red-yellow solution. Then I took a good look at the trunk of the tree and slammed my right fist hard into the trunk shaking the tree wildly causing several of its red square-shaped fruit to drop from the branches and onto the ground below. Taking in a deep breath then exhaling a huge cloud of flames, I burned every single fruit that fell from the tree, leaving only behind a small pile of ashes left to be blown away in the wind. A soft, yet cooling breeze wafted through the area, cooling myself off while also blowing the remains of the fruit away into the wind. I decided to take a rest under the tree, my back resting against the bark of the tree while my legs crossed over one another and my wings draped softly over my body. Shutting my eyes slowly, I drifted off to sleep for a while before waking up and stretching my limbs and wings. I sighed softly and got up and stretched my body fully, feeling refreshed after my short nap. Deciding to continue further on the dirt road, I took to the skies close to the tree tops and flew over the road again.
Several more minutes later that felt like hours, and even days I came up to what appeared to be an object I really couldn’t believe. A stone wall stood in front of me...but not your typical stone wall you’d see dividing your neighbor’s yard from yours. The wall expanded along the horizon for which looked endless. Looking up to the sky, I saw the wall extending higher and higher, no way I could fly over it. I sighed to myself and frowned, is this where my adventure truly ended? I looked at the key I held on this entire journey then looked at the wall. “There must be a reason why I possess this key, and there must be a reason this wall is here…” I thought to myself and stared at the key, then the wall again. A small indent in the wall caught my attention and I moved a little closer to inspect it. “Maybe the key goes here?” With the key in hand I slowly held it up to the indent in the wall when suddenly I heard a voice from behind me. “Hold it right there! Hands up where I can see them you foul beast!” With a slight shiver running down my spine, I dropped the key and turned to face the voice. A knight in shining silver armor with a bunch of other knights in perfect rows were standing behind my with their swords drawn. “By the order of the king, you’re coming with us or be killed!” The knight closest to me shouted at me which I assumed the leader of the small army. Not saying a word, I sighed and looked down sadly at the ground. “Good, glad that you surrendered quite easily. Tie him up men and we’ll take him to the king to show him how great we were in conquering this great beast!” The leader shouted triumphantly. Several other knights approached me and tied up my arms and wings then shackled my ankles together, preventing any escape from them. I looked back at the wall and key I dropped before I was tugged away by them, being ready to accept any fate that they gave me. The leader and several other knights followed behind me and glared angrily at me. I turned back to the front and slowly followed them, my head slumping and looking down at the dirt road I travelled on to arrive here.
The Unexpected Adventure: Fox to Dragon TF
A birthday gift to my awesome bro :iconjuliustheawesome: :3 Happy B-Day bro, and hope you like this. First time I wrote in first person I think. Hope it's not too bad of a story >w<"
I'm free today and I'm gonna use this time to host a Super Smash Party! Add me to your friends list right now! It's Taz: 3093 7768 9419! It's on and no mercy!! X3

Flamey:"Rawr! Yeah!!!"

~Taz and Flamey :icontyphlosionlaplz:
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Anyone wanna smash with me? x3 I'm a little busy with school so requests might take a little longer.


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Okay Im 14 (maybe :3) b day is Jan 14 and I write stories. Yeah this is me, pretty boring x3. I live in Hawaii and i like TF's.
Contact me for anything and comment watch fave or request any kind of story. People who watch get llamas! If u give me a llama I give u a llama

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Which Pokemon Fire Starter Are You?
Which Pokemon Fire Starter Are You?

What Pokemon Are You?

What Pokemon Starter Are You?
What Pokemon Starter Are You?<br
I'm free today and I'm gonna use this time to host a Super Smash Party! Add me to your friends list right now! It's Taz: 3093 7768 9419! It's on and no mercy!! X3

Flamey:"Rawr! Yeah!!!"

~Taz and Flamey :icontyphlosionlaplz:
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